Wednesday, September 26, 2007

L'automne à Québec

As you can see from these pictures that fall is certainly a beautiful time here in Québec. We stumbled upon these falls the other day when we drove out to Mt. Ste. Anne to climb up that with all the colors(colours for you Candadians). Because we had the two kids with us and we didn't really have two days to climb the mountain, we veered off a different direction with some easier trails for Mikaylah to hike. We came across some wonderful scenery that God provided for us. While I can't put all the pics on the blog, I thought we would share a few with you. Of course, I had to include some of the kids, too:) I will share more later!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rentrée; in other words - back to school!

We had one last hurrah yesterday at the canyons of mont Ste-Anne, we had a beautiful day and the kids did great, Mikaylah even climbed down 187 steps and back up again without complaining!

Tim started his last session today! We are on the home stretch! I will add some photos soon, the kids want their lunch!