Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prayers for Jayson

Just a quick note to ask you to pray for Jayson. His baby finger on his left hand was caught in the hinge of the door and was almost cut off right where his finger nail is. We spent four hours in the emergency from 8-midnight. We are taking him to the Indiana hand center in Indianapolis Thursday morning at 8 am for surgery since his bone was exposed. The ex-rays showed that his bone was not broken, but he will probably lose the entire nail, they will try to save the finger tip in the surgery. I have no idea how long it will take. He was scheduled to get his yellow fever shot tomorrow. We have to postpone that for now. He just woke up at 4am screaming and I gave him some more Tylenol but I couldn't nurse him because he must be prepped for surgery, so he was angry about that too. He is finally asleep now (4:50) and we will probably have to wake him and Mikaylah up tomorrow morning for our trip to Indy. Please pray.
12 hours later...
Thank you for your prayers for Jayson. We just got back to Kokomo from the Indiana hand center in Indianapolis. He went into surgery at 9:57 and the surgeon was all done at 10:20. He lost the nail, but the surgeon is confident that the finger-tip will recover. She put in two very tiny sutures in the nail bed itself which was crushed and three more sutures in his very tiny pinky. They allowed both Tim and I to be in the operating room with him. He was under conscious sedation as it is safer than general anesthetic, so he could breath on his own, he was just loopy! Even though he will not remember the surgery it was comforting for him to have familiar faces in an unfamiliar place. John Rogers from EBM came over and kept Mikaylah company in the very kid friendly waiting room so both Tim and I could be with Jayson. He ate some grapes and drank some water so they discharged us at about 11am. He fell asleep in the car and is still asleep now (1:15pm). Actually both kids fell asleep on the way home! He has a humoungous bandage on his little finger that is supposed to stay on for ten days! We also discovered he had an ear infection so we got antibiotics for that too! Poor kid! Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray that he recovers well from the trauma.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Brave and Tough

Mikaylah is a big girl now! We went to Claire's in Markland Mall in Kokomo this afternoon where Mikaylah picked out the earrings she wanted, watched intently as ten year old Allie got her ears pierced announcing that she would be brave and tough like Allie. Then aften the ladies with their loaded earring guns approached her ears she promptly clamped both her hands over her ears.
Five minutes of persuading and promises of lollypops and stickers she bravely removed her hands and submitted to the piercing of the ears! She was brave and tough and didn't even say "ouch!"

She is now the proud owner of pink daisy earrings! Six weeks before we leave for Niger!
If you click on the picture you can see her earrings up close! She is so proud!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow it is February!

We just got our computer back from the computer repair shop. There were lines on our screen (our Dell laptop) and Kurt the computer repair shop repairman said we needed a new video card that would have to be ordered from Dell. That was January 15. Today Kurt called. Our computer was ready to be picked up. BTW the harddrive had to be replaced and we couldn't salvage any information from your old broken down hard drive... ARGGG and it must be the screen that is bad because the new video card didn't correct the problem, but don't worry we didn't have to pay for the new unnecessary videocard! Yikes! Well, here we are again at square one, No email addresses, no favorites on the bookmarker... nothing so if you are reading this and you know us, drop us an email so we can keep in touch! Thanks oh yeah, no pictures because all our picture files are lost too... boo hoo... but we still have access to our blog! Yeah!