Saturday, February 16, 2008

Brave and Tough

Mikaylah is a big girl now! We went to Claire's in Markland Mall in Kokomo this afternoon where Mikaylah picked out the earrings she wanted, watched intently as ten year old Allie got her ears pierced announcing that she would be brave and tough like Allie. Then aften the ladies with their loaded earring guns approached her ears she promptly clamped both her hands over her ears.
Five minutes of persuading and promises of lollypops and stickers she bravely removed her hands and submitted to the piercing of the ears! She was brave and tough and didn't even say "ouch!"

She is now the proud owner of pink daisy earrings! Six weeks before we leave for Niger!
If you click on the picture you can see her earrings up close! She is so proud!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Good for Mikaylah!
What pretty earrings!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I forgot to say LYM.