Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow it is February!

We just got our computer back from the computer repair shop. There were lines on our screen (our Dell laptop) and Kurt the computer repair shop repairman said we needed a new video card that would have to be ordered from Dell. That was January 15. Today Kurt called. Our computer was ready to be picked up. BTW the harddrive had to be replaced and we couldn't salvage any information from your old broken down hard drive... ARGGG and it must be the screen that is bad because the new video card didn't correct the problem, but don't worry we didn't have to pay for the new unnecessary videocard! Yikes! Well, here we are again at square one, No email addresses, no favorites on the bookmarker... nothing so if you are reading this and you know us, drop us an email so we can keep in touch! Thanks oh yeah, no pictures because all our picture files are lost too... boo hoo... but we still have access to our blog! Yeah!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So sorry you have lost everything.
Maybe Chris will be able to retrieve some of your stuff when the McLeods visit you.
I think they are planning a visit during March break