Thursday, May 31, 2007

Once in a blue moon

We found these totally flexible 100% UV protection baby sunglasses for a buck at the dollarama store, my new favourite store here in Quebec. Also got some kiddy plates with winnie l'ourson (the pooh)! Had to take a pic of the boy in his cool shades!
We went to the beach on the St Lawrence 'plage à Jacques Cartier' with the Ovenells. Thought it would be a good op for some new updated family pics. But they turned out to be too dark. Besides Mikaylah was not cooperating...

It seemed like the best picture we could get of her was her backside, and she's not even a teenager yet, they aren't supposed to diss their families this early are they?

Seems like a good photo of Mikaylah comes once in a blue moon!

yes, in our timezone we are experiencing a Blue moon today. Last night it looked fantastic as we walked home from the park at 8pm. Those of you in Africa won't get your blue moon until June and in Australia you'll get in in July!

Here's another of our cool dude in the sunglasses!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm Three!

Since Mommy and Papa are so busy I figured if I wanted to get some of my pictures on this blog I'd have to do it my self!
I am three years old now, I keep telling Mommy that I am growing up! For my birthday my grandma and grandpa Cober came down to Québec to celebrate with me. They bought me an umbrella! Now I love when it rains because I get to use it when I jump in puddles! My birthday was on a Tuesday so on the Friday night before my birthday we went to the galleries, a huge indoor park with rides for kids just my size. My friend Lydia and her sister Eliza and her parents came too. We rode on flying turtles, bumper cars and a train that was called RAPIDO but it was really slow! My Papa can walk faster than the train!

After playing at the park we came home and decorated my cake with smarties (which are like M&Ms only Papa says they don't taste as good!) and opened my presents. Lydia and Eliza gave me some paints, Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Daryl gave me a paper doll and clothes only they were magnetic! Really cool! Mommy and Papa gave me a tricycle. I also got lots of presents in the mail from our friends in the United States. I love birthdays, I can hardly wait til I'm four!

Friday, May 18, 2007

six months old!

Our baby is six months old! I can hardly believe it! He loves to roll around and play 'cache-cache' with mommy. (cache-cache is hide and seek) The other day I put him down in the middle of the living room floor and when I came back in the room I couldn't find him.

There he was under the couch! How he managed to get himself under there is a mystery to me, he only seems to move when my back is turned!

Jayson is a happy little guy and he loves to smile and laugh. Even when he isn't feeling well. We all love to play with him and make him laugh.

On his six month anniversary I took him to the doctor. He just wasn't himself. He was lathargic, feverish and not smiley Jayson. He had vomited a couple of times the night before and had some really runny diapers. Tim really wanted me to take him to the doctor just to make sure he was okay. I was dreading it because I had to take Mikaylah too and without an appointment I knew it could be a loooong morning with a sick baby and an active three year old in the waiting room.
Surprisingly we only waited about seven minutes! The doctor checked him over and said that his ears nose and throat looked good, even his eye that has a blocked tear duct is showing no signs of infection, so he recommended tylenol for fever and the virus would run its course. Oh for those of you who don't think babies can wink...

yes, he is happy even though his eye is glued shut with mucus (not puss thankfully). We usually have to soak his eye in the morning to loosen his eyelashes. Poor boy. He should outgrow it soon. I do have his regular doctor's appointment May 24 and we will see what his doctor recommends at this point. All for now, I'll post for Mikaylah tomorrow!