Friday, May 18, 2007

six months old!

Our baby is six months old! I can hardly believe it! He loves to roll around and play 'cache-cache' with mommy. (cache-cache is hide and seek) The other day I put him down in the middle of the living room floor and when I came back in the room I couldn't find him.

There he was under the couch! How he managed to get himself under there is a mystery to me, he only seems to move when my back is turned!

Jayson is a happy little guy and he loves to smile and laugh. Even when he isn't feeling well. We all love to play with him and make him laugh.

On his six month anniversary I took him to the doctor. He just wasn't himself. He was lathargic, feverish and not smiley Jayson. He had vomited a couple of times the night before and had some really runny diapers. Tim really wanted me to take him to the doctor just to make sure he was okay. I was dreading it because I had to take Mikaylah too and without an appointment I knew it could be a loooong morning with a sick baby and an active three year old in the waiting room.
Surprisingly we only waited about seven minutes! The doctor checked him over and said that his ears nose and throat looked good, even his eye that has a blocked tear duct is showing no signs of infection, so he recommended tylenol for fever and the virus would run its course. Oh for those of you who don't think babies can wink...

yes, he is happy even though his eye is glued shut with mucus (not puss thankfully). We usually have to soak his eye in the morning to loosen his eyelashes. Poor boy. He should outgrow it soon. I do have his regular doctor's appointment May 24 and we will see what his doctor recommends at this point. All for now, I'll post for Mikaylah tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
What a happy little guy! I love the wink! Too bad it's forced on him.
Hope he's feeling his old self by now.

angiesrecipes said...

I can't believe you got in to see the doctor in 7 minutes! Unbelievable! What a blessing. We waited 4 hours once! Let me give you a little tip. Any time you go to the doctor, especially with a sick little cutie, ask for "echantillons gratuits" (free samples). I got like ten bucks worth of free cough syrup in little bottles that way, and the only winsome cutie I had with me was my darling husband! :D

Jenn said...

Oh Janice - what a gorgeous little man you have!!
I'm so excited about coming to see my niece and nephew!! (oh and you and Tim too).
He's simply adorable - and what a quick little guy to disappear the minute your back is turned! The boys are going to love playing with him - The big boys love getting Joey into a giggling mood and making him laugh. I'm going to try and get a picture of all 5 kids - should be fun eh - 6 yr, 4 yr 3 yr 3 yr and 6months. Hope you have a long couch ;)
Love the winking pic LOL - his personality sounds so much like Joey. Just Happy! Lucky you :), Lucky us :)

Ardys said...

Hi Janice! Great to see the pictures of your cute kids! They are adorable! I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa Cober had a great time visiting! May God continue to guide you on your way to Africa - soon!
God bless,
Ardys Winger