Sunday, May 17, 2009

Car Pooling...African Style

Just thought I would share a photo that was passed on to me through email. I don't know where it was taken. Thanks Kathryn for the photo. While we have not seen any trucks this crowded, it is not unusual to see trucks that are poorly loaded, or loaded about 10 feet too high, listing to one side and yet there are tons of people hitching rides ON TOP of the whole load. Very scary looking and dangerous, but it is just a way of life out here. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Showers???

Well Mother's day has come and gone and we still haven't had a rain to register on the rain guage.  According to Dorm Tradition, there is a pool every year to see who can guess the date of the first rain!  Of the 15 of us, 9 days have come and gone.  Today is Phil's day, but I think he will be disappointed too.  Nat guessed May fourteen, Esther the 15th, Tim the 19th, Tam the 22nd and Mi-Yoen the 26th of May.  I had guessed May 10th, Mother's day, I thought it was appropriate, but we are still dry... a little humid (50% yesterday) but still no rain.  The school year is quickly coming to a close.  Mi-Yoen is our only student writing IGCSE exams this year, she has two this week and three next week, then the end of the year exams begin the 26th of May!  Graduation is scheduled for the fourth of June!   I know the time will go by quickly!!  It is very hot as you can see from our thermometer on the left... please pray that relief will come quickly!  When it is hot tempers can flare up easily and everyone is a little more emotional at the end of the school year, please pray especially for our three seniors, Esther, Tamarah and Phil who will be leaving Niger this summer to pursue further studies abroad (the US for Tam and Phil and Korea for Esther).  Pray for their transition (saying goodbye to their homes and friends and families) and for their adjustment abroad (new schools, church and friends).