Sunday, August 02, 2009


It is August so Mikaylah announced that she is ready for school!!  She is SO excited to begin Kindergarten!!  We had to tell her that school doesn't really start until August 12!!  And the dorm kids arrive August 11!  She is very excited about that, and Jayson started naming the kids who will be returning!  He was only saying one name when they left in June, now he recognizes their pictures and is saying their names!!  I think the kids will be surprised!  So we are ready for them (emotionally) but we still have a to do list that needs to be accomplished before next week arrives!  Staff meetings start this week.  and Monday and Tuesday are national holidays!!  so we are again understaffed but have plenty of work to do :)  
We have just heard that our short term dorm assistant Cindy has raised enough funds and is 100 % supported!  Hopefully she will be here by September.  She still has to get a visa, shots, etc.  But we are excited that she is on her way!!  Anybody have any new recipes I can try?  Remember that we only have access to basic ingredients...