Saturday, October 30, 2010

more catch up!

Joshua (aka Gibbo) helping to weed out the softball field
The kids showing off their new pillowcases
A friend in Indiana custom made personalized pillowcases for each of the kids.
Dae Yoen turned 11 in September.
Aunt Janice and the middleschool girls
oops this picture was taken five months ago... showing the kids doing chores
photo scavenger hunt in the marché... this is the peanut butter lady.
Uncle Tim and his Blessing
Blessing's new do... from the front
and from the side.

Spencer is helping to make cookies for the Senior Shack fundraiser.
Spencer shaved his head into a fashion statement for ''back to the future" day.
During the Fall break we took the Benin kids down to Parakou and stayed the week, eating our meals with Neil and Lisa Sim and their three kids... it was fun to see the kids on their own turf.
Mikaylah and her classmates celebrating Cowboy Day
Mi Yoen was Jean d'arc... aka Joan of Ark for Medieval day

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

catch up... three months worth...ooops!

We hit the road running, sorry we are so far behind.. so I will just post a few pictures from the last three months...