Wednesday, August 09, 2006

oops here's the "after" photo

Okay, sorry about that, yesterday, I was having trouble uploading pictures. So when I did it over again today, with the after shot I just had to include a cute picture of our daughter asleep in her "big bed". We sure are gratefull to all of our friends who have loaned us furniture for the "mean time" between now and Quebec! Hopefully there will be new friends in Quebec who will loan us some furniture until we leave for Niger! Tee Hee! Thanks for the good response of name suggestions both on the blog and on our email. We are working on a website through this mission at a reduced rate, still not free like blogspots, but hopefully easier to publish pictures!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Container is GONE!

Waahooo! What a relief! We never thought we would be so excited to see an empty room! What we thought would be an 8x8x8 foot cube of our worldly goods ended up being almost 6.5x8x8 or 323 cubic feet for all you math geniuses out there, well, at least my brother in law! Here are the before and after pictures, mind you we also had a couple of extra mattresses and some boxes of tables and chairs for the Niger field that are not technically ours, just being stored in our huge dining room until the UHaul could come and carry it all away! We are so thankful for the Marines, our friends, not the corps, for packing it all in the container and looking after it when it arrives in Niger. We have had many people ask us when we are actually leaving. Truth be told we don't know, but the opportunity to send our "stuff" arose at a reduced rate so we jumped at the chance. Many people in the church here in Kokomo have loaned us beds, a microwave, a rocking chair, dishes, etc. to tide us over until we leave for Quebec (hopefully in January) for language study. Another answer to prayer is that Tim will be studying French here in Kokomo this semester. His first class is two weeks from today. Pray for him. We are so glad that he has the opportunity to take an elementary French class as it is not always available! God's good timing!
I have one more thing that we would like help in... choosing a name for our son. Yes, we are having a baby boy! Mikaylah would like to name him Brutus, but I am not totally sold on the idea. We would like him to have Tim's middle name, Scott. But we are stuck for a first name. Any ideas would be appreciated. We have looked on line and still haven't found one that resonates as "that's it!" yet. So send in your ideas and suggestions! The boy is due November 23rd but I may very well have him early as Mikaylah came 20 days early. I'm aiming for the eleventh, that should be memorable, don't you think? And he won't have to share a birthday with daddy or uncles or grandpa! Maybe we should have a contest and the one that wins gets a signed autograph of the baby??? hmmm we'll have to think this one through!
Okay I have given you lots to praise the Lord for and lots to think about!