Wednesday, August 09, 2006

oops here's the "after" photo

Okay, sorry about that, yesterday, I was having trouble uploading pictures. So when I did it over again today, with the after shot I just had to include a cute picture of our daughter asleep in her "big bed". We sure are gratefull to all of our friends who have loaned us furniture for the "mean time" between now and Quebec! Hopefully there will be new friends in Quebec who will loan us some furniture until we leave for Niger! Tee Hee! Thanks for the good response of name suggestions both on the blog and on our email. We are working on a website through this mission at a reduced rate, still not free like blogspots, but hopefully easier to publish pictures!


Mom said...

Hi Janice
Wow! How bare!!!!
What a little darling in her big bed.

Jenn said...

hey, it looks so empty!!
I can't believe Mikaylah is in a big girl bed already! Wow. Joey is in NO WAY shape or form ready to give up the crib.

Hannatu said...

Wow! It sounds like God is moving you out here!:) When my husband and I went to Quebec, we took over the lease on another missionaries 3-bedroom apartment. We had no kids and our furniture consisted of a stove, a fridge, table and 4 chairs, two easy chairs, a bed, a dresser, and a desk. We lived very simply and really knocked around in that mostly empty apartment. But we were newlyweds and lived on love.....:)