Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oui! Il fait tres bien!

Oops, so sorry it has been so long, yikes over a month! Tim just got back his first French test score.... 98% Waahoo! He even got a sticker on his page! Mikaylah and I are so proud of him. He is working so hard!
We have less than four months before we go to Quebec so Tim is wanting to get at least a little bit of French under his belt before we go "native" or at least are immersed in it! We are up to 87.4% of our needed support. We have heard from a couple of churches who would like to support us, but are either waiting for us to begin language study in Quebec or for their budgets to be approved for the next year. So we are teetering awfully close to the 90 percentage point! VERY exciting to us!
Most of you know that it has been a very long deputation trail. We can hardly believe that it is actually becoming a reality. We heard from Sahel Academy this week. They got off to a great start. The dorm has 18 kids this year, nine boys and nine girls. Pray for Tim and Brenda and Amber, the dorm assistant as they nurture these young people. We are excited and anxious to join them in what looks like could be fifteen months from now! WaaaHooo!
Any more of you think of baby boy names for our son we are open to all suggestions!


Mom said...

Congrats Tim! That's such great news!
Glad to see you blog again! I check it every day!

Jenn said...

That's awesome about your support! I'm planning onsupporting you too - don't know if you've factored that into your percentage yet or not, just gotta figure out how to get it to you :)
4 months seems like a short time-frame - but then again, when you're 7 mos pregnant, 2 months seems like an eternity LOL.
I'm tapped out on boy names ;)
oh wait, i have a few up my sleeve...I'll call you.
ILYM - jenn