Friday, September 15, 2006

Please Pray

Our mission board just informed us that the 2007 support levels will be assesed this month and we should hear by early October what our new support level will be. It is with fear and trembling that we await this news. Please pray that it will not be significantly higher than what it is now. Perhaps even lower!! That would be a miracle! Tee Hee! Thanks

In the miracle dept... daughter age 2 years 4 months two weeks did her first pee pee in the potty! It was bedtime of course and after all the routine and she was properly tucked in under her pink comforter she pleds to papa "go potty". She is lying, I told dear hubby, it is just a stall tactic to waylay going to bed. But dear patient hubby took her to the potty, helped her take off all her p.js (top included... I'm thinking boy does she have her papa hoodwinked) and diaper and all and she sits on the potty and demands "brown m&m please". To his credit, papa did not fold, "you must pee pee in the potty first". Then papa leaves me in the bathroom with her to demonstrate, which isn't too difficult for a 7 month pregnant woman. and Low and behold... she produced!! "Papa come back in here! Mikaylah just went pee pee in the potty!!" We praised her up and down, but her only response was, "brown m&m please." Papa proudly brought her the ziplock bag of m&ms and let her pick one. Then he again left the room. "ready to get back in your p.j.s?" I inquired, "no, green m&m, please!"
It was 9:58 when she finally went to bed last night! sigh! but she did sleep in til 10:00 this morning!


Mom said...

Yeh Mikaylah! Way to go!
And kudos to Papa for his patience at bedtime.
We'll pray about the EBM meeting. Trust they won't raise the amount you need.

Jenn said...

Yay for the first pee pee. I hope she earns lots of green m&m's :)
I don't think Joey would pee if you waved an entire candy store in front of him....

Jenn said...

OK, it's been nearly a month - You need to blog.
I know that Mikaylah has been doing some funny things - write 'em down sister!