Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spencer's birthday

Spencer only lives 45 minutes away. So for his 20th birthday we showed up. Here is his HUGE dorm, there is even an elevator!

Here is Spencer's room. His bed is SO high up, he actually sleeps on the futon!

We had lunch at Ivanhoe's... no icecream :( but he promised he would have icecream later with his buddies!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


This past weekend we drove to Cedarville to visit Tim's brother and family.  Jayson and his cousin G had a fabulous time!  It was the first time they met since G was born two months after we arrived in Niger.
Mikaylah Jayson and G in G's backyard

Jayson and cousin G in their Niger soccer jerseys.

The house was full as Tim's sister and family came down from Michigan to bring their son to school. We put a tent up in the backyard and the kids all slept in the tent. Mikaylah was glad to have another cousin around who was a girl!!
Mikaylah and her cousin A.  Tim's sister D brought their son N to the 'ville for his freshman year.

Tim's other sister lives 45 minutes away. We were able to visit them too, although their girls are all grown up Mikaylah spent the night feeling like a big girl!
The kids love their big cousins, H and J.  J was our flower girl 11 years ago.
Guess who else we saw in the 'ville... Suz and Theo!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School Bus!

Even though we only live five blocks from the school the bus goes right by us and we agreed to let them ride.  They are the last stop to be picked up and the first stop to be dropped off.
Waiting on the rock for the bus
The anticipation!
So intent they wouldn't even turn around for a picture!
Caught Jayson before he sat down, Mikaylah's hand!
Can you see Jayson's face above the 14?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Living in Limbo-2

We have finally moved into a very nice house house on the south side of Kokomo
We get to use half of the double garage, can you guess which half?
Jayson is enjoying the sunrise in our large backyard that backs onto a bean field
back of house showing Mikaylah's bedroom window on the right
Kitchen view from side door and view of laundry/bathroom
Kitchen view from sink of kids eating breakfast
Living room view from kitchen doorway
Living room, notice Mikaylah's shoe :)
Office behind living room couch

back porch off of the kitchen

Master bedroom, see highboy in the mirror.
Jayson's room
Mikaylah's room