Thursday, October 04, 2012

On my way

photo taken on July 27 one week after we entered the US.
Many of you know that I (Janice) am Canadian and the rest of the family are American.  So far we have managed fine with a greencard.  However that card is due to be renewed in February 2017, I know still four years away... however we are planning on being back in Niger this summer until June 2017. So I will not be in the US to renew it.  In speaking to an immigration officer this morning, he advised me to go ahead and get my citizenship.  He said if we do not leave the US for the next 8 months I should be able to get my citizenship before we are due to go back to Niger in June/July.  Please pray with us that the timetable will be right and that we will be able to go back as a family next summer all with US passports! :)  We went ahead and put down $250 dollars to start the process! I am excited and feeling like I just stepped off a ledge, hoping the net of citizenship will catch me before I land!  Stepping out in faith.  He is able.

spooky spiders! Anyone?

Anyone know what kind of spider this is?  We have three of them at the front of the house!

We are already ready for hallowe'en!  Look at his shadow!

worlds collide

On Tuesday we got a message from Mikaylah's 1st and 2nd grade teacher at Sahel Academy.  She is on home assignment and was going to be in Indiana.  We were excited to see her, she came for supper and stayed for breakfast Wednesday morning.  It was a quick visit, but much appreciated,  Thank you Beth Botheras!

Monday, October 01, 2012

By the time she was four she had lived in five different homes! but ages 4-8 all same home in Niger!

Mikaylah got to make a time line of her life for school. She only had 24 inches of timeline to work with so we had to be picky when choosing pictures!