Monday, July 02, 2012

Welcome to America In LIMBO

Well we have been in America for six days now.  We are still living with friends and driving a rental, but we are thankful for these friends, the Ts, their two oldest are the same ages as our two plus they have two younger ones for our kids to play with. Asking Jayson what is the best thing about America... "playing outside".  Asking Mikaylah what is the best thing about America... "playing in the playground".  Asking Tim what is the best thing about America, "Taco Bell" !  Now we just need a Taco Bell with a play land!  Right now I am enjoying fast, dependable internet!  We will write more when we are settled.  Right now we are in a state of limbo, waiting and wondering what God has in store for us.  Jayson keeps wondering when we are going home, Mikaylah asked last night why we left Africa.  Telling them that this is just for a year is difficult for small kids to understand.  Praying that they will feel settled soon.