Friday, August 24, 2007

To Grandmother's house we go

Mommy, Jayson and I just got home to Québec after a week at Grandma and Grandpas in Toronto. Papa had to stay home and go to school!
We had a great week at Grandma's though, we went swimming in my cousins' pool and Grandpa wrestled with me and took me and Jayson to the park. Even Jayson likes the slide and the swings! Grandma shared her cereal with me and made me treats! Everynight she would lay down with me and sing me songs!
On Sunday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's church where mommy went when she was a little girl. It is an ENGLISH church! After Sunday school a nice lady named Heather Graves took me outside to play in the park with her two little girls and her little boy. Jayson stayed in the nursery, but he smiled at all the people who were watching him.

Mommy says Jayson loves me, I think he just loves my hair!
The ride back to Québec was fun, first we took a city bus, then a métro (subway)then we went up the moving stairs, my mommy calls it an escalator. We got on a big train that went to Montréal. Then we got onto another train but after an hour the conductor stopped the train. He said the tracks were damaged so we had to go back to Ste-Hyacynthe. Then we got on a really big bus that brought us back to Québec. I wanted to go on an airplane too, but Mommy says we will when we go to Africa. We will go to Africa after Jayson's birthday. Papa was at the station to meet us. We were very tired because it was way past my bedtime, even past mommy and papa's bedtime! But we are home in Québec now!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We Need to Pray

From the mouths of babes, literally! Yesterday Tim bit the inside of his cheek and was commenting at supper how difficult it is to eat. Mikaylah pipes up, 'we need to pray'. She then proceded to pray that Jesus would help her papa's cheek to get all better! How precious is that? It was a great reminder to me how precious our prayers are to our heavenly Father too.

Jayson has really changed alot lately, next week he will be nine months old!! He is crawling and pulling himself up to stand and 'walks' around the furniture. He now has six teeth, the last four all came in within the last two weeks! He was pretty brave though! Jayson loves his sister! This morning we caught him banging on her door (he gets up a little earlier than she)wanting to play, we would have taken a picture, but didn't really want Mikaylah to wake up so early!He is a little monkey and gets into everything!

Tim and I have finished our summer session at Laval. We were so blessed by Malorie, who watched Mikaylah and Jayson every morning while we were at school. Jesse and Tiffany Shanks, new missionaries to Togo brought Malorie with them from Washington to care for their four year old son Joshua while they are studying French at Laval. Malorie graciously agreed to watch our kids as well during these last five weeks. What a blessing as she loves the Lord and loves our kids too. Every night when we put Mikaylah to bed she says, 'have to wake up early and go to Malorie's house!'
She is going to really miss her as Malorie returned home this weekend.

Tim is starting school again tomorrow at the little Bouchereau school located in downtown old Québec. He wants to take advantage of the time he has here in Québec. He is learning so much. In church this morning he understood the sermon! Please keep praying for us during this time in our preparation. The next four months will go quickly, we know. Pray for our kids too. Mikaylah's friends Lydia & Eliza left last week. But they are going to Niger too, so we will see them in a few months, Lord willing. God is Good--All the Time!