Friday, August 24, 2007

To Grandmother's house we go

Mommy, Jayson and I just got home to Québec after a week at Grandma and Grandpas in Toronto. Papa had to stay home and go to school!
We had a great week at Grandma's though, we went swimming in my cousins' pool and Grandpa wrestled with me and took me and Jayson to the park. Even Jayson likes the slide and the swings! Grandma shared her cereal with me and made me treats! Everynight she would lay down with me and sing me songs!
On Sunday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's church where mommy went when she was a little girl. It is an ENGLISH church! After Sunday school a nice lady named Heather Graves took me outside to play in the park with her two little girls and her little boy. Jayson stayed in the nursery, but he smiled at all the people who were watching him.

Mommy says Jayson loves me, I think he just loves my hair!
The ride back to Québec was fun, first we took a city bus, then a métro (subway)then we went up the moving stairs, my mommy calls it an escalator. We got on a big train that went to Montréal. Then we got onto another train but after an hour the conductor stopped the train. He said the tracks were damaged so we had to go back to Ste-Hyacynthe. Then we got on a really big bus that brought us back to Québec. I wanted to go on an airplane too, but Mommy says we will when we go to Africa. We will go to Africa after Jayson's birthday. Papa was at the station to meet us. We were very tired because it was way past my bedtime, even past mommy and papa's bedtime! But we are home in Québec now!


Anonymous said...

It was so good to have you come for a visit. So sorry you had such a loooong trip home but glad you arrived safely. Next time you come, Papa will be able to come too! Yea!
Love you all,

Giuly!! said...

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angiesrecipes said...

jayson is getting so big! glad to see you were able to visit with family. enjoy the rest of the summer in quebec - i'm sure it'll be over very soon!

eagleton4 said...

Wow, those kids are cute & are getting so big! I can't believe how much Mikaylah looks like you! She is definitely your "mini-me".

Jenn said...

oh we loved having you over!! The boys LOVED their cousins and even Joey says "Mikaylah house" now!
The picture of jayson pulling her hair made me giggle - it's so typical of siblings....
Sorry your trip back was so long and filled with detours. I'm glad Mikaylah is feeling better though.
Love ya and miss you already!