Sunday, February 12, 2006

I was beginning to doubt!

Well Yesterday morning I was met at the door by the Fed Ex man who handed me an envelope from Passeport Canada! Yes my new passport has arrived. I applied for it the end of October as it would expire November 8, 2005. Not that it is SOOO important, but I can not return to the US if I leave without a special stamp in my passport that says I am a permanent resident. Since American passports are good for ten years the stamp is usually good for ten years, however since mine was about to expire, so was my valuable stamp! So now I have a brand new passport (Canadian ones cannot be renewed) full of blank pages! I have an appointment in Indianapolis on Tuesday February 14th (yes, Valentine's Day) at 11:50 am EST. Please pray that I will again get that all important stamp saying that I am a permanent resident of the US. otherwise we may have to immigrate to Canada!! Tee Hee!


Anonymous said...

Those Canadians finally came through for you, eh! Good for you. How long until you guys are gone? Praying for you!
Kim Zegelien

Mom said...

Hurrah! It's about time. You shouldn't have any trouble getting them to stamp your new passport. We'll be praying for you anyway.

Jenn said...

Huzzah - It arrived!! Now you can get that super special stamp in your shiny NEW passport.
Drive safely in your shiny new minivan!