Saturday, April 15, 2006

He IS Risen!

Happy Easter! Remember Jesus sacrifice for us and celebrate his power over death! We still have $800 per month to raise! It seems impossible to us but God is in the business of the IMPOSSIBLE!! As you are aware, our desire is to assist missionaries in the discipling and mentoring of their children. Up until recently we anticipate renting a large home in Niamey in order to help Sahel Academy accommodate more boarding students. One very important detail has since changed. We will now be the only dorm parents for the school so we will be living in the dorm on campus. This does make our entry into Niger a lot easier since we won’t have to go house hunting, however, this does mean that our timely arrival in Niger is even more crucial. Our target date is June 26 2006 ~ ten weeks from now. Please pray with us that we will be fully financially supported in the next six weeks so we can be released for French language school before we head to West Africa in July 2007. We heard from Laval University in Quebec this week. They have received our initial application. We have some more paper work to fill out. Please pray that we will not go ahead of God but that we will demonstrate our trust in Him. We do not know God’s timetable but we do know that He is able to do immeasurably more than all we think or imagine.


Jenn said...

Happy Easter - He is Risen Indeed!
You have my prayers AND our financial support!

Mom said...

Blessings to you this Easter Sunday! He is Risen! Yes, He is Risen indeed!
Let's trust the Lord for the impossible!
Praying for you! LYM