Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm Happy!

Mikaylah is two. We are trying to raise her to be a happy child who loves Jesus and is obedient. Right now she is opposed to change. She doesn't like to get her diaper changed, she doesn't like to get out of bed in the morning, she doesn't like to go to bed for her nap or for the night, she doesn't like to get in the tub or out of the tub. Her standard answers for "let's change your stinky diaper" is "No, I'm happy!". Like her disposition is going to effect the state of her diaper. "It is time for a bath, Mikaylah." "No, I'm happy!" forces me to take a very unhappy child and undress her and put her in the tub. After twenty minutes and very wrinkly toes and fingers, "Time to let the water out of the tub!" You guessed it, "NO! I'm happy!" Sometimes these protestations are through the midst of many tears and foot stamping and not the "If you're happy and you know it stamp your feet" kind! Well, I guess one out of three is better than nothing, though she knows Jesus is a bearded man to whom she prays and she wants her own way rather than Mommy and Papa's she is always "Happy!" at least so she says!


Mom said...

Hi Janice,

So glad she is happy! She sure looks happy. I can see the sun burn though. Her little arms look very red. Better get the sun block out.

saheldormparents said...

Her arms are burned, and her wee nose is starting to peel now, but ut doesn't seem to bother her. I did buy sunscreen today!

Jenn said...

Oh wow - could she look anymore like her mummy did at that age??? It's like getting into a time capsule and going 27 yrs ;)
I love the pic. It makes me happy.