Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pray for my Papa

We got the news this weekend that my (Janice's) dad was rushed to the hospital with chest pains. For dad to tell my mum to call 911 is serious. Poor mum, she must have felt so helpless. The EMT people reassured her that she did the right thing. Dad had a bunch of tests done and they discovered that yes, he did have a small heart attack. No more mowing the lawn or vacuuming for him! We had just celebrated mum and dad's 45th wedding anniversary on July 8th. So this came as such a shock after visiting with them last weekend. It was so fun to see Mikaylah playing "frisbee" with "grampa" and gathering raspberries and feeding the birds. Mikaylah still associates the word "backyard" with Grandpa. We did have the camera out but it wasn't working :( Anyways. Dad is still in the hsptl and hopefully he will be coming home today. Please keep both my parents in your prayers. THanks.


Mom said...

Hi there,
Daddy is not home yet but we hope for tomorrow.Uncle Grif took me down to visit today. He's in very good spirits, teasing the nurses and looking well. We treasure the days we spent with Mikaylah in the backyard. What a pet!

Shauna Archer said...

Hey Janice,
We'll be praying for your dad and hope he gets home soon. We leave tomorrow for Malaysia!!!