Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jayson under the sunlamps

Oops, here is a picture of Jayson under the sun lamps. Doesn't he look cute with his little "sun-glasses" as Mikaylah calls them. Mikaylah loves to hug and kiss her brother and only occasionally wants me to put him down. If he makes any noise at all she is in his face making sure he is okay. She also wants to bathe in the sink and get her diaper changed on his change table! I guess toilet training will really take a back seat now!


Jenn said...

awwwww he's so sweet. Brings back memories for me - I know how scary that is to have to send them back to the hospital. He looks so handsome and gorgeous though - every bit like one of mine ;)
Can't wait to hold him!

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas from us in the land down under, have a happy one and a great new year too. Your bubba is soooo cute.