Wednesday, March 14, 2007

relâche 07-- in other words, Spring Break!

This is actually a pic of our friends, the
Hedges whom we met up with at the camping municipal. Mikaylah and Hedges daughter, Ruth were with me in the front, I just turned around and snapped this pic so you get the idea.

We had a great week of Relâche last week. We took advantage of the family friendly activities that were for FREE! We took the kids on a sleigh ride drawn by horses and Mikaylah got to feed the donkey at the petting zoo and I use the term lightly as there were only two animals, a dwarf donkey and a pregnant goat who was not interested in anything to eat!

You can click on the picture and make it bigger!
Jayson has become a lot more fun too! Here is a pic of him in his carseat at the camping municipal

We also helped Mikaylah make a snowman in our front yard. She was all excited about having a real carrot for his nose. When some big kids came and knocked him down the next day, Mikaylah reasoned that he was tired and was having a nap!

We also took a quick trip to the border to get Tim's student visa. Now we can say we have been to Maine! Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera so no pics of the spectacular scenery, but here is a pic of Mikaylah and her brother for your viewing pleasure!

We also took Jayson to the US consolate yesterday to get his American passport. We were kind of surprised at all the rigmarole we had to go through! We are still waiting for Mikaylah's and Jayson's Canadian identity papers... hopefully before we go to Niger!


Mom said...

Hi Janice:
Good to see your new blogs. Jayson is really changing.
Looks like you've been having some fun along with the studies. That's great!


Jenn said...

ooh that looks like a lot of fun! You're getting some great pics. Sorry that the big kids knocked over the snowman - Mikaylah really took it in stride though - good to have an adaptable child!
Jason is just getting cuter every day! I love Mikaylah's hair - Finally, a *girl* gets those fabulous curls!

Jenny Eagleton said...

Very cute kids! Congrats on Jayson's arrival! I'm so glad I finally get to see pictures of the little guy. Thanks for sending me your blog link. Some of my earliest memories are from Quebec, when my parents were doing language study there. Fun times.