Friday, March 21, 2008

Packing, packing, packing!

We only have twelve more days and we thought we were doing well until yesterday...

The vehicle we thought was going to take us to the airport is going to be in the shop that day so we have to figure out some other way to get all our extra baggage to the airport. Tim called the airline to let them know in advance that we would have extra baggage and they told us that since our ticket from Indianapolis to NY is separate from the rest of our tickets that we only get 50lbs per bag and each additional bag will be $300.00... a far cry from what we were expecting. Air Maroc allows 70lbs per bag and only charges $120.00 per additional bag. This was the reason why we chose Air Maroc over Air France!! Just another opportunity to develop grace, right? Since we already have 13 action packers and six bags packed we sure don't want to start over!! Yikes, well, now you know how to pray... pray for understanding on Delta's part and graciousness on our part!

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Gary & Ardys said...

Wow - what a job! I'll be praying for you in all of the stress of packing!!
God bless, Ardys