Friday, April 11, 2008

Out and about Sahel

We had a long squishy flight from Indianapolis to Niamey. This picture was taken on the last and most squishy of the flights. Thankfully it was only three hours long and Jayson slept the whole time!

Mikaylah loves having a playground she can walk to. It is conveniently located just outside the front door of the dorm. The day students play here while waiting for their parents to pick them up.
Jayson is just happy to be outside! He doesn't have to be doing anything special just being outside is enough for him! He has already figured out how to open the doors so we have to keep them locked in order to keep our little boy inside! Both our kids have adjusted to the new time zone and Jayson enjoys his nap during "sieste" our noon rest from 1-3pm the hottest part of the day.


Anonymous said...

What cute pics. Sure looks like the kids are enjoying themselves. That's great!

Gary & Ardys said...

Hi! So glad you arrived safely and it's great to see the pictures of the kids! I just saw and chatted with your Mom and Dad on Skype - what a wonderful invention :-) Looking forward to following your blog. Sounds like you have a very encouraging team there. We'll be praying for you!
Ardys & Gary

Amanda said...

Hi there. You don't know me but my hubby and I (Michael) spent a year at Sahel in 2000 - 2001. I've been following your blog for a while and am so glad to see you finally arrive there! I have you on my blogroll so I'll keep on following you. We know some of those who are still there such as the Moores, Nancy Carriger and Hadiza (if she's still around). Just wanted to say hello!

Jenn said...

Awww Jayson is sleeping in half those pic - what an angel! How awesome to have a playground so close to home - Mikaylah must be in heaven!
Joey saw a pic of the kids and said "That's Jayson" - I guess somebody smaller than him made an impression on him. He did recognize 'kayla' as well but was very drawn to Jayson's pic.
Great pics - and will get on skype....soon ;P

Gail said...

Hi Guys! I'm in Pam Russell's Thur evening Bible Study and we prayed for you as you were flying at that time. Pastor Carmichael told us from the pulpit Sunday of your journey mercies and arrival. Praise God! I just gave Sara Firebaugh your blog site address. She is in S. Korea teaching. Her boyfriend is from Niger and they hope to visit with his family when the violence subsides. She told me that Stephanie just received a fellowship to Purdue!
May God continue to Bless you!
Gail Ambrose and Roger

angiesrecipes said...

congrats! what an exciting time for you guys! let us know if you're ever in town. :)

Wangbu said...

Bonjour! Je suis Wangbu en provenance des Philippines. Vous avez un beau blog. Je suis reconnaissant Je l'ai découvert.