Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Newest Blessing

All children are blessings, but our newest addition to the dorm is indeed a Blessing. Blessing is ten years old and her parents work at the leprosarium in Danja, Niger. (about a 12 hour trip by car from Niamey).

Blessing has two younger brothers, Favour just turned 8 in January and Goodness was just born in November. We discovered last week that Blessing's mom and her dorm mom share a birthday. So that was a fun discovery and I was able to remind Blessing to call her mother on her special day!
Our daughter Mikaylah told me yesterday on the way home from school that Blessing is her best friend. Indeed, Blessing has been a blessing to my children, she plays with both Mikaylah and Jayson and almost always has a happy spirit! Mikaylah spent the night in Blessing's room this weekend as her regular room mate is in Ouagadougou with Tim at the Softball tournament. We are so thankful for Blessing and ask that you will pray for her this week as she is our youngest dorm child and her adjustment to being away from her family has been difficult. (pictures to follow when Tim gets back from Ouaga, sorry Jenn, I am computer illiterate--you are lucky to get a posting!!)

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