Monday, March 30, 2009

Odd Things

Just thought I would send out some of the fun pictures we have captured of our kids while the dorm kids are home with their parents. We are enjoying our break, but it will end in less than a week. We have enjoyed doing several things as a family, including sleeping in a tent(more on that later). Here Jayson is trying on Daniel Meade's not so small boots and looks like he is going to ride off into the sunset! Jayson is growing by leaps and bounds as you may expect. He talks all the time, although we don't know what his language is yet:) Right now, we are trying to potty train him and he is doing very well. He often comes to find us to tell us, "peepee" He is the little brother often when he pushes Mikaylah's buttons to get her all worked up. For the most part, they really enjoy one another, though. We enjoy sitting back and watching them play.

This picture was taken after our Hippo hunt. Mikaylah wanted to bad to climb a tree. I tried to get her to climb up herself and she tried. She got half way up and then got scared she was going to fall. So, I placed her up on the limb for this picture. Unfortunately, I must be a bit allergic to Mango because the next day, I had a rash all over my arms. Very itchy!

We thought you would also like to see what our kids do every night during bath time. They really like the suds as you can see. If we get called out by the dorm kids, we sometimes leave them to bath on their own. When that happens, we usually have lots of water in our bathroom, all over the floor. They really have fun!

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Lauren said...

When we were in Niger I used to bath in a tub like that. We called the tub the Kwano -- which must be the Hausa word for it.