Friday, January 15, 2010

Celebrate good times!

I know that it is important to celebrate joyful occasions, and so this week we celebrated!!

My good friend "Tanti Hadiza" who also helps me in the kitchen three days a week asked me if she could bake a cake for her friend who just had a baby. She had gone through the labour and delivery with her friend, so she was given the task to name the baby. She chose the name Arielle. Then she asked if I would decorate the cake for her. This is Tanti Hadiza with her cake for baby Arielle.

Joshua turned 13 in December (two days before Christmas) so we had an "unbirthday" for him on Wednesday. He asked for hamburgers and French Fries and Banana cream pie for dessert! It was a fun Supper, and Josh's parents were still in town so they got to celebrate with us too!!

On Thursday Rufus received a letter from Oral Roberts University that he had been accepted into the pre-med programme!! Whoa, are we proud or what?? John has also been accepted to ORU, so I baked a cake (chocolate since John brought us 20 boxes of cocoa from Cote d'Ivoire!! (Rufus on the left and John on the right)

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Amanda said...

What an amazing culture that allows someone else to name your own baby. Such a contrast to us who spend so long finding the right name that we like. Thanks for sharing.