Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Une Nuit à Paris

Our Student Council recently sponsored a banquet that many of the kids claimed was a Valentine's banquet. At any rate, it was an opportunity to dress up, and our kids did a great job of that. Here are some of the photos Tim took of our kids on their way to the banquet:
Zeb and his sister Elisheva Zoolkoski are Americans whose parents are at the Sim hospital in Galmi.
Sisters, Bethany and Hannah, and brother Josh Sim are Aussies from Benin.
The two oldest of the Ottosson family, Nathanael and Mikaela, are also Aussies whose parents work in Burkina Faso.
Our own kids: Jayson and Mikaylah pose for Papa
Not only was it a night of good food and fellowship, Amanda Winsor taught our kids how to waltz Shelby Winsor and Mikaylah had a great time!
John and Bethany whirled around the dining hall, if only we had a disco ball!! HA HA

Even Tim and I dressed up and had a great time!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics of everyone!