Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mikaylah's birthday party

Mikaylah's birthday is March 27, which falls during break. However, Mikaylah really wanted to have a "kindergarten" birthday with her classmates before the break.
My sister designed the invitation.

We invited all the classmates for lunch. Kindergarten is only a half day, so it seemed easier to have them all walk over after school.

We had pizza and koolaid (foster clarks) and carrot sticks. We played Musical Chairs, paste the face and duck duck goose. We opened presents, and followed clues to a piñata filled with candy. Everyone got to hit the piñata and since it still didn't break Tim had to break it to the delight of the kids. They were so sweet to share equally with each other I was really impressed! What a great group of kids! Jayson wanted to know where his birthday presents were. I told him that he would get a present (loot bag) at the end of the party. That made him happy. Mikaylah felt fêted but wanted to know if there will be more presents on her "real" birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great group! Glad the party went well!
Congrats to the parents!