Thursday, July 15, 2010

He's baaaack!

The children were so excited to have their daddy back.. Mikaylah had her hair braided for the occasion! Chris and Diane Marine picked us up at the dorm in the BIG truck. Jayson was SO excited he couldn't contain himself. We left for the airport at 3:30. The flight from Paris was supposed to arrive at 3:30. It arrived at 4:01. Tim's luggage was the last off the plane. The powers that be at the airport must have thought that our six and three year old children were somehow dangerous since they would not let us into the airport, so we took many trips around the very hot and sunny parking lot waiting for Daddy. Finally Aunt Diane took the kids back to the big truck while Mama and Uncle Chris waited until 5:20 for Tim to finally emerge from the airport!! WE were SO happy to see him!  And yes, Jayson is wearing one of those sleeping aids from airFrance!  ha ha!


Anonymous said...

And Mikaylah is wearing her new princess hat that Grandma sent! Yea Princess Mikaylah!

Lauren said...

Good to see!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!
LYM, Mom

FONT LOVER said...
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