Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Is it November already??? More photos to post...

No hands donut eating contest!
Two toothless Tilly's:  Mikaylah and Ereina Totman.
The tortoise, Rover tries to make a nest in our backyard!!
Sunday morning on the top of  "mountain" top!
Yun In feeding Asyncrite!
Kids playing in the pool.
Mikaylah reading Jayson his bedtime story.
Jayson in cool sunglasses: "Dude, you knock my socks off!"
Jayson eating his lunch.
Eli and Aunt Janice.
Aunt Cindy and Mikaylah
Tim and Mikaylah in the office.
Deborah, MiYoen and Bethany in Deborah and Bethany's room.
Eli learning how to be a hair dresser with her first customer:  Aunt Cindy!!

Mi Yoen and the hedgehog.
Mikaylah and her classmates in their playground village.


Anonymous said...

Ahh! I miss you all so much! It's crazy to see everyone growing up so much, even since june! Looks like you all are doing great, I'm proud of you Aunt Janice and Uncle Tim!

Lauren said...

I remember the hedgehogs in Tahoua... Lovely to see you're enjoying one too!

Michelle said...

What lovely photos. :-)

In answer to your query about my poem. You're welcome to print it so the children can read it. It's been read and recited at schools, etc from Germany to the USA. I have never minded anyone sharing it, but I do have some stipulations, please? I'm perfectly happy as long as it has my name as author and isn't sold in any form, or used to sell any other product.