Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leaving Day

Time for March Break!

Most of the kids left yesterday morning.  
Only Deborah left on  Friday afternoon as only her parents were here.

John went to his friends' house Friday night.  

Asyncrite & Jayson
Tim took Asyncrite to the bus depot at 4:30 Saturday morning. At 6am Kevin picked up eight of our kids who were flying SIMAIR, three going East and five going West!

Eight Flyers: Cora, Josh, Yeon Hoo seated, Yun In, Dae Yoen, Zeb, MiYoen and Marette
 The Sims arrived Friday afternoon and took their three kids to Benin at 6:30 Saturday morning.
Three Sim kids So we only had Chung left.  We all went to the Rec Center in the afternoon so the boys could play ball and our little ones played in the pool.  This morning Tim took Chung to the airport to see if his flight would leave or not.  I just heard from Tim that his flight took off 10 minutes ago!!! PTL  His mom and dad will be so glad to see him! 
Spencer and Elisheva are still in Burkina on their senior trip.  They will get back Tuesday, then Eli's dad will drive her and Spencer home to Galmi for the rest of the break.  The kids will be with their parents until school starts again April 4th.  time to spend quality time with Mikaylah and Jayson, colouring, playing LIFE and CandyLand, swimming in the pool and baking cookies!

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