Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Since most of our kids are far from their own mothers on mother's day we try to keep it low key... this year Tim took us all to a local restaurant so I wouldn't have to cook, we had nems and rice, and each of the kids wrote me a sweet note of encouragement.  I felt very loved, at the same time empathizing with all those moms across West Africa who are not with their kids on this day.

Vietnamese Nems--yum!
Deborah, Beth, Amy and Griffi were able to spend the weekend with their own mums!
Sunday night at NEWS the dorm led the worship.  They did an awesome job, we were very proud of them.

Yunin on keyboard

Chung hyun on drums

Deborah and Amy were vocals with Zeb, MiYoen and Ruth who also played guitar 
John did a rap 

and Asyncrite
and Zeb

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