Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

As Jayson was only a week old last year for American Thanksgiving this was his first Canadian Thanksgiving. He enjoyed it immensely, especially the green beans, see them in his mouth? He was two fisted into the mashed potatoes (sorry no photo) and he ate like a starving man. Unfortunately the turkey did not do its trick with him by sending him to the land of nod. Perhaps he was overstimulated with the company. We had three families over, Ken and Ellen Fuss are going to Togo, Paul and Chantelle McIver are going to Niger and Anthony and Yolande Gould are from Australia. All of us are here to study French. Funny thing was that we all spoke English all evening!


family member said...

Cute pic. But what is that green thing in his mouth?

saheldormparents said...

They are green beans... oops sorry I meant to say so on the post!

angiesrecipes said...

what a cutie! sounds like a wild get together. we had our own canadian thanksgiving celebration with fellow canadians serving with SIM in dakar. no turkey could be found, so we had chicken, and, of course, spoke in english the whole time! glad to see there's always a steady flow of friends to hang out with in quebec.

Irishacherokee said...

Good To Hear From You!:) I am On Myspace.com as GrammyHughs and Now On Here As Irishacherokee.
God Bless You and Your Family:)