Sunday, October 07, 2007

Really, we are in school. After looking at some of the beauty around Québec some of you may think that we are just up here on vacation and not going to school. We are just trying to get as many activities in before the snows start to fly. My friend told me that he is usually snowboarding by the middle of October up in the mountains. While we aren't close to freezing, yet, the weather forcasters have predicted that we will go down to around 50 degrees for the highs next week. But this week was absolutely BEA---beautiful! The colors up here are so vibrant and beautiful. The mountains look as if they are on fire with all the colors. I expect the the mountains will be finished and dropped all the leaves in about two weeks. In the city, it will be a bit longer since we aren't so high up. I will leave this post as is for now. Janice will come back with a post of the kids, because they have been so cute lately.


Tim & Richelle said...

Tim & Janice,
Just wanted to say that I enjoy checking in on your blog from time to time - these last pics of the fall colors have been just gorgeous! Fall is the hardest time of the year for me to be here cause it. is. all. JUST. orange with scatterings of green... and I'm a fall person. Enjoy that beauty for me!

Jenn said...

funny, I always assume it's Janice writing until I read her name - and then I realized that Tim was writing LOL! Your colours are beautiful - I think Quebec is just a little more picturesque than Ontario for fall leaves.
The kids are always cute!!