Monday, May 12, 2008

Life around our house

Life around our house is sometimes just trying to keep cool. Jayson sportin' Mikaylah's sunglasses, while Mikaylah finishes off a nice cold coke on a hot day. (Yes, Amanda, we do let her have a small drink or two of coke.) For some reason, the cokes taste better out here than in NA. Maybe because it is about 60 degrees hotter here than Indiana today.
It does get rather windy as you can see by Mikaylah's reaction on the bridge. But, the wind is not that refreshing here. Imagine, if you will, that you are walking through a car wash without the water. At the end, those big blowers come on to dry you off. yeah, that is what the wind feels like here, a giant hairdryer. Unless we are swimming and as soon as you get out, you stand in the shade. That is refreshing at times that lasts about 3 minutes until you are dry again. We are not complaining, mind you, we are simply trying to giving you a mental picture of what life is like here and how we live. Can you see the dust devil in the 3rd picture. It reminded me of a little tornado in Indiana, but just blowing across the plains picking up dirt as it went. Unlike a tornado, it is harmless. We are looking forward to seeing our first sandstorm which should come right before the rain. We just hope this happens during the day so we can actually see it.

Thanks for looking at our pictures. We have so many to post. I have to find a place to put a whole album, so I can just download them all and let you all look until you can't look no more. We are thankful to be here. We should be moving into the dorm later this week to help out even more with the transition there. We are excited because there are ac units there:)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Mikaylah looks so proud of her bottle of coke. Look what I got!
Sure looks windy on the bridge.
Luv Jayson's sun glasses! So cute!