Monday, May 12, 2008


I thought I would also pass along some prayer requests for those of you who do frequent our blog. Obviously, we do live in a very Muslim country as you see from the prayer time. While it is all around us, it seems that Christianity is also growing slowly, but surely. I hear the call to prayer all over the city and even next to our EBM office is a school to teach how to do that, so they who work there hear that everyday, almost all day. I sure hope none of them go home to NA and begin their presentation with these chants:) Just kidding guys! I thought that I would pass along some pictures a little church in a small village. It seems that there are many of these little churches just thriving out in the bush. You can see the boys who just had to have their picture taken so they could see their picture in the camera. Thank God for digital:)
Please pray that these little churches continue to thrive and "Make Streams in the wasteland"(Isaiah) here in Niger. I also sent along a picture of a family just outside our school that Mikaylah and I met while on our walk to the bridge. Please pray that as our language gets better and better that we will be able to get off campus a bit and build relationships with our neighbors. This lady takes care of not only her kids, but also her brothers kids. He passed away last year. Life is hard, but yet, I see such a happy people in these Africans, especially the Christians.


Chantelle said...

I have a comment. We like you guys. We like Tim and janice. We want to see pictures of tim and janice too, and not just the kids and niger :) After all, people love you like we do. And while i get to see your smiling faces in just a few weeks, others do not, and may go to your blog to see your smiling faces in your lives. So remember to add pics of you and tim there too!

Patty Wysong said...

oh wow. Niger is not Ecuador, but this has made me so homesick!!

I wish you had a suscribe button so I won't miss your posts! (maybe I just need to break down and set up a blog reader. LoL)

It will be interresting to see dorm life from the dorm parent's perspective--I'm looking forward to it!