Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where did everybody go?

Our present, crowded kitchen:)

Well Mikaylah finally asked, "where are the kids?" The dorm kids have been gone since June 13 and the Smiths left Monday night so we have been really alone for almost a week. Well not really, Tim's brother Doug is here right now helping making new cabinets for the new dorm kitchen.

This is the wall we will knock down!

And yes, there will be pictures as soon as Tim has time to help me download them. I love the MAC but it doesn't have a port to import pictures so it is a bit more complicated and I haven't learned how to do it yet... Anyways... that is a story in and of itself! Doug and his wife Danette were both set to come June 19th, but GOD had other plans for the other Phillips'. On Wednesday June 11 Grant Douglas Phillips was born and on Saturday June 15, the day before Father's day, Doug and Danette brought him home, all signed sealed and delivered! The story of How God orchestrated Grant to be in their family is nothing short of miraculous, but suffice it to say, Danette had her hands full with a new baby! So Doug graciously came by himself (and away from his newborn son) to spend these ten days with us. They are going by fast, but all the lower cabinets are made, they are working on the upper cabinets now. I must admit I feel pretty fortunate to be able to design my own kitchen, pretty overwhelmed, too. So glad that Chris and Diane Marine have done this before and are giving their expert opinions and know-how!
Doug has put on one of Jayson's diapers so he doesn't miss Grant too much (ha ha) and Danette has been great in sending photos of their precious little boy. I am going to try to upload one, so be patient if no picture appears!


Jenn said...

congrats to Doug and Danette - Grant is just a little sweetheart, and I am so happy for them.
Can't wait to see the new and improved kitchen when it's finished.
Happy July 4th!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see pics of the "old".
Look forward to pics of the "new".