Monday, July 07, 2008

Kitchen Renovations #1

Just thought we would update the progress so far. Last picture you saw was a picture of Mikaylah drawing on the wall and a picture of the old kitchen. Yes, the old kitchen is still there, but the wall is not! We had a great time being very destructive in tearing that wall down. It was hard work....not like those walls made of drywall like in the US! In fact, we have the ceiling done now and the floor was laid today. I will put in some pictures of earlier construction and then some with things as they are. When you live here, you learn so many new things. The way they tile, put ceilings in, make walls square(rarely), etc. When you need cabinets, you don't just go down to your local Menard's and order build them from plywood that would not be used by many in the states. You even tile a floor with square tiles that are not even square! But, you work with what you have and when it is all done? It looks great! We praise God that He has provided not only the money to fund this project, but also with people who know exactly what needs to be done. Many of our latest pics are still on the camera, so I will include pictures from when my brother was here. We really enjoyed his visit. He got the great privilege of riding a camel, along with building cabinets. He also played "Santa Claus" to us when he packed his bags full of goodies! We are really thankful to Grace Baptist Church in Cedarville for helping to send him over here. You notice the beautiful sunset we happened to have the day we took Doug out for brochettes at the Grand Hotel. A beautiful shot of the Niger River and the Kennedy Bridge.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at that wall come down! What a job!
Thanks for including the pics. Camel ride looks great! Mikaylah loves Oreos eh?
Looking forward to Kitchen Renovations #2..
Love to all,

Jenn said...

That looks like fun, knocking down a big wall!! Is it solid concrete? it looks like it's a foot thick! tough going I'm sure.
Mikaylah looks so much older already - her hair is getting so long! wow. Oreos are such a treat.
I hope those camels didn't spit on you!

Anonymous said...

Let me comment on the beautiful sunset...scenery pictures are my absolute favorites photos to shoot...I have SEVERAL of them! I really appreciated that picture of the sunset. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you guys are working hard...and I must say that Oreos are my favorite cookie too! (Amanda)

saheldormparents said...

The sunset picture was indeed rare because we usually do not have such pretty clouds. It is usually NO clouds or overcast, so enjoy! (we did) we actually took about 20 photos of this particular sunset!! HAA HAA!

Sheryl said...

Wooo Hoo!!!! Hooray for progress and Christmas in the middle of the summer.

William said...

what is that!?! Uncle Chris is allowed to use power tools again? I thought he had been banned in 137 countries!