Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kitchen Renovations #3

Ok, these pictures are pretty self explanatory. From Doug and Chris working on the cabinets, to our kids walking around in the new kitchen in all the trenches. They found it great fun to walk along those like rats in a maze! Now, you may be what did Tim do on these cabinets? ahhhh, good question. I had the most important job of all...the job that all the carpenters I know like the least...the job where they think anyone can do it because they wouldn't let me touch the power tools...besides the sander. Yes, I sanded almost everyone of the boards before it was put together by Doug and Chris. Yes, they would stand around drinking cokes while I continued to sand away. Do you feel sorry for me yet? You shouldn't. It wasn't all that bad. After all, while I was sanding, I found lots of time to think, to pray, and best of all...I couldn't hear what the others were saying about me the whole time:)

Aside from that, you see Mikaylah and Jayson having some fun in the new kitchen, you see the drywell with the cover on and of course a picure of our kids with their Uncle Doug. They really enjoyed him out here and hopefully kept him busy enough so he didn't miss his own son too much.(Grant is one month old now:))


Jenn said...

wow - it's really interesting to see how construction is done in Africa! especially the well - that must have been something to see up close! I'm really looking forward to seeing pics of the finished kitchen.
Of course my beautiful niece and darling nephew are always a treat to see.
Much love

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good!
Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!