Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kitchen Renovations #2

Ok, ok, I haven't put enough pictures on the blog about this kitchen. Many of you are begging for more....others are saying, please, no:) So, here you will have some more. As a word of explanation, you will find the floor with some "trails" going through it for the plumbing and gas lines. Some electrical lines were buried in the floor as well. After we had the floor torn out, they made these "trenches" down to the dirt and added the lines, then covered them up again. You can see the electrician putting lines into the walls. It is so different here because of the walls all being made of concrete. You chisel a line out of the wall, put you wires in a tube in that same line and then cement it back in. Even with new construction, you put all the walls in, let it set, then go back and chisel some out for your electricity! The 2nd from the bottom picture is of the drywell we put out back. This is used for drainage of the sinks in the kitchen and one of the bathrooms. Just the sinks and showers though. These guys kept digging and digging and digging until we had our whole back yard one great big dirt pile. Oh, they used nothing but shovels and a pickax. When we thought they were about to stop, they dug another foot or so. I think it was about 20-25 feet deep. What you see in this picture is right after the put all those bricks in which they made the week before. Now you can nothing of this well as it has been closed in and dirt put over the top.
The third picture is just a shot of some of the cabinets assembled in our dining room waiting to be set into place after the wall were painted. As of today....those cabinets are all in place:) We struggles a bit getting these nicely built cabinets put on to some walls that had trouble being square. Needless to say, many shims later, they are up and attached solidly to the walls.
The fourth picture, or second from the top is of my brother who was changing the electrical panel from one side of the wall in the new kitchen, to the other side, in the hallway. While I do have a better picture of him, I thought I would include this picture when I turned the juice back on...little to his dismay!!!! Just kidding. :)

And last but not least, I just had to include this picture of Jayson whom I found in our bathroom sink! How did he get there, you ask? He found the stool and bathtub the kids use and used them to get up into the sink. He is quite the climber...not afraid of a whole lot. Just thought I would share this little guilty look with you all.

Okay, they sums it all up for now. I will send another episode of our kitchen renovations later! You will see pictures of some of this going together very soon....I promise! Thanks for all your inquiries and prayers as we try to get this dorm ready for the kids to return in less than 1 month!

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