Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kitchen Renovations #6

Here you see the tile being put on the walls for the backsplash. What a difficult process when the tiles are different sizes! We were surprised to find black tile at all, so when we did, we bought it right up thinking that the white tile right next to it was the same tile. We didn't realize until today that they are two different sizes...about an eighth of an inch off which makes it really hard to lay tile in straight. So, we had to do some rethinking on the design, but I think that it will look great once it is finished tomorrow!
Jayson even wanted to help clean up, too. He had to see what machine papa was using and wanted to help. It was only the shop vac as we were busy cleaning up all the sawdust trying to get it ready for the painter.
Diane Marine has even been over to help on these long days. She and her husband have hardly seen each other because of this project, so I think she decided to join in the fun! Actually, she has been a huge help in trying to get this all done before the kids return in less than two weeks!

We find ourselves working all the time on this kitchen now. I mean, literally at least 12 hours a day. Needless to say, we are going through the cokes to keep us going:) Amazing thing is...I have lost weight. oops, off topic again. Anyway, we now have the countertops on and all with formica(sp?). You probably cannot tell from these pictures because we covered them back up for the tile to be put on the walls and the paint and stain to be applied to the walls and cabinets. I did not put pics on of when we got the faceplates on the cabinets. They are really nice, but don't show up well in the pictures. You can see them in some of these pictures. Once they are stained, I think they will stand out more. Ok, that wraps up another edition of the kitchen renovations, 2008....(I hope you are happy Doug)


Beth said...

I've been checking back frequently to see more pictures of this huge project. It's looking great! I've been doing a lot of shopping for my eventual arrival in Niger. As I was shopping, I ran across some "coke" salt and pepper shakers. I would love to throw this in with my stuff when I come to Niger (provided I can locate them again) if you think that it's something that you would like. If you're interested leave me a comment on my blogspot botheras.blogspot.com and let me know how many sets of salt & pepper shakers you would need. I know the kids are going to love it when it's all done! It will be worth all the hard work.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' Good! Way to go!
Look forward to the final pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!:) Thanks to Doug for bugging you about adding pictures and updating us...remember, it's fun for us to feel like we're part of your lives & projects even though we're miles and miles apart. The kitchen is going to be so great!! Better than any kitchen you've ever had!! ha ha ha:) You're hard work will be so worth it in the end (and to loose weight too...whoo hoo!:) Love & miss you all~
Love, the Young's

P.S. Happy Belated Anniversary!!

Tam said...

it looks so good, i can't wait to see the final product!

~K~ said...

Just popping in to say hi...enjoyed your photos. :-)
We know Chris and Diane from our church in Florida. We happen to have the same last name as you also!
Many blessings!