Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Terrible Twos!!

Yes, we have officially entered the Terrible Twos. I remember when my sister's boys were two and I thought, how can they get in to so much trouble?? We had a very mild daughter and now a sweet boy who has turned two and, is it possible?? Yes, he has changed into a hooligan over night!!
His birthday was November 16, we have been teaching him to say "I'm two". and it is all very sweet and lovable, but this is the same boy who threw a glass mug off the coffee table just to see what would happen (it broke into a thousand smithereens... is that really a word? smithereens, that is). He also opened the refrigerator took out a banana and the whole pitcher of orange juice and proceeded to pour it on himself and all over the floor. He put a chair up to the counter and put a stool on top of the chair and tried to climb up the shaky contraption! He jumped on the high jump mattresses that the P.E. dept had out and landed on the soccer goal (and gave himself a black eye--good thing he is a quick healer). He climbed up on the ping pong table and started throwing glass Christmas balls on the tile floor (well, in his defense, they were "balls") and he took baby Jesus out of the manger scene and tried to eat him! (just one little bite)... but he is a happy little guy, most of the time and he loves to give hugs and kisses... his little playmate, Arielle now calls all white boys "Jayson".... yes, he is famous! and TWO!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jayson! You are growing up too fast! What a beautiful boy!
Love you loads,

Jenn said...

Oh he's getting so big! I love that mischief that little boys get into - just to see what happens. It's funny in retrospect and when it happens to other people. I have my fair share of stories though :p
Love you much - Joey calls all little baby boys Jayson too! My other nephew Kieran looks similar to Jayson, and Joey can't tell them apart (even though Kieran is only 9 months old).
Big hugs and kisses from us to you!