Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bonne Chance: Good Luck

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 at 4:54pm
Sorry about leaving everyone hanging... I didn't realize we would be without access to internet for such a long time... Last Wednesday, Dec 10, Tim was hanging Christmas lights in the dorm. The rickety old ladder slipped and Tim and ladder went through the living room window. His left hand was sliced very badly. I drove him to the clinic and he received 15 stitches. He should have had at least 40, but the attending nurse disagreed with me.... here we are a week later and his index finger looks not too bad but his middle finger still looks pretty bad. The worst thing was that after they stitched him up they wrapped up his finger with cotton guaze without any ointment, so the next day when he went to get his dressing changed the clotted blood got all ripped open again!!! This time we brought our own ointment and non-stick bandages curtesy of Dr Ace Cheung. That helped a little, Ace is thinking that he should regain use of his fingers, but no hand modeling in his future!!! Right now Tim is in Burkina Faso where he drove some of our dorm kids. Otherwise I would take a picture for you. When we were in the clinic the first time Tim actually asked if I had brought the camera!! Like I was thinking about that when my adrenaline was pumping!! good night! Thank you for your prayers, it looks like he will have frankenstein hands, but that at least he will be able to use them. He is doing pretty good with his right hand now (for those who don't know, Tim is left handed... figures, eh?)

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