Saturday, May 08, 2010


Back up to April 26. Tim took the time to tell the kids that if the first rain happened in the evening we would tell them whether or not they would be able to play in it (depending on the intensity of the rain and the hour of the evening) and what to do (i.e. clean up before coming back in the dorm, etc.). We really thought we had another month or so before it would rain, and Tim had the kids guess dates when they thought the first rain would come. We had each child in order of age (oldest to youngest) choose a date. We told them that if their day won, they would get a milkshake and fries at the rec. The first day was April 29 and the last day chosen was May 30 (except that Tim chose June 1 and I chose June 2). After everyone chose their date I remarked to Tim that our own children never chose a date so Tim penciled them in on May 3rd and fourth because no one else chose those dates.
About 9:30 on Monday May 3rd the thunder and lightening gave way to RAIN!! Buckets of rain!! Mikaylah and Jayson were sleeping, but the little girls, (who had been in bed for an hour already) were begging to go out and play! Of course we all went out to play in the rain!! A rite of passage for most reveling in the arrival of rainy season! At about 11pm we herded them back in as the rain petered out and drank hot chocolate to warm them up again before falling into a contented sleep!
By the way, Jayson got his milkshake and fries at the rec on Tuesday! Rufus doesn't know it yet, but since his day, May 5, was closest (of the dorm kids) he will get his just rewards too!

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