Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bunch of Dorm kids

What a great bunch of kids eh? Left to right they are Front row: Mikaylah and Uncle Tim.
Second row: Zeb, Bethany, Nathanael, Hannah, Blessing crouching down, MiYoen, Mikaela, Rebekah and Deborah holding Jayson... back row, Aunt Janice, Asyncrite, Joshua, Elisheva, John Thar, Rufus, JoonHyuk, and HaYoen.
The Teagues invited all of us for Tacos!!  What a Blessing!


Lauren said...

I always read through your posts. I love seeing your extended dorm family and the life you have in Niamey. Lots of love, always, your African-Australian sister!

saheldormparents said...

thanks Lauren, that means alot! I enjoy your blog and seeing your girls grow up! Technology is really a blessing for me to see you and your beautiful little girls!