Sunday, February 20, 2011

valentine's banquet

February 12... A night of asian cuisine and fun and laughter... here are some of our kids
Jayson trying to use chopsticks
Eli & Ryan
Uncle Tim & Aunt Janice
Ray & Melinda
Rotimi & Jayson "les jumeaux"
Asyncrite & Hafsa
Spencer & Charity
Brendan & Bethany
Joel & Deborah
Zebadiah & Cora
John & Tanika
Gibbo and Rebecca
MiYoen & Daniel
Rachelle, Hanna, Deborah & Mikaylah
Bethany, Hannah & Marette--notice the shoes we bought!
Jayson & his best buddy, Richelle

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Kara said...

Hi! My name is Kara Rupnow, and my husband and I are planning teach at Sahel Academy this upcoming school year. We are currently raising support and presenting to many different groups. Since we haven’t been there yet, we don’t have a lot of pictures or exciting things to show. We would love to show some pictures of the missionary families involved with Sahel Academy. It would be great to let people see the students we will be serving and the work their families are involved in. We have enjoyed looking at pictures you have posted on your blog. May we have your permission to show a picture of your family and the students in the dorm? Would you be willing to email me a copy so that it is a higher quality than if we just “borrowed” a picture from your blog. My address is Thanks and we look forward to meeting you!