Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Quilts for Seniors

Our four seniors: Miyoen, Asyncrite, Deborah and Beth at the Indian Restaurant in Niamey, Niger
 No, not for senior citizens, but for the grade twelve students (seniors) who will graduate next week.  Last year I learned how to quilt and made a quilt using African fabrics for our two seniors, Spencer and Elisheva.  This year's seniors were hoping for a similar gift, so I asked them what design and colours they would like.  They all chose beautiful designs and I really enjoyed making their quilts, I kind of got busy during 3rd quarter and then had a lot of work to do to get the quilts finished before we gave them to the kids.  My friend Cathy blessed me by sewing on two of the bindings and I finished the fourth quilt one hour before we presented them to the kids.  Here are some photos of our four seniors and the quilts they chose and received:
Asyncrite and his log cabin quilt, he wanted a Blue and brown quilt with a "little bit of pink, please".

Our exuberant Deborah and her Gem Stone Quilt

Our Gentle Beth and her string quilt, I think it looks like a stained glass window.
MiYoen wanted green stars! So this is what she got!  It actually turned out better than I thought.

Miyoen chose this camouflage pagne for the back of her quilt.

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